deepak ohri

Entrepreneur . Speaker . Author

Deepak Ohri is the Executive in Residence, Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Pino Global Entrepreneurship Center, at the College of Business at Florida International University.




The Pino Global Entrepreneurship Center offers three courses and a master class that are based on the principles of entrepreneurial management, marketing and leadership. The courses teach participants how to become better entrepreneurs and leaders of the future. The courses are based on the real-life case studies that are major learning centers in any field, and are based on the book by Deepak Ohri, A Bridge Not Too Far: Where Creativity Meets Innovation. For more information​​​​​.


Project is designed to develop an understanding of the principles and practices that contribute to the global success of luxury brands. The industry of luxury brands is defined by a complex and unique approach to its business practices. The project is designed to examine the markets of luxury products and services and their development from local to global brands. The project shows how psychology, business practices, and innovation play a vital role in creating a luxury brand culture and lifestyle. The project examines the management and marketing techniques unique to the luxury industry by analyzing the market's leading players. This project teaches how to understand the value of finding exclusivity and distinguishing the brand's quality and creativity. It provides a comprehensive approach to understanding what it takes to run a successful luxury brand that shapes the industry trends. For more information​​​​​.

The Luxury Incubator MBA project introduces students to the Ohri Luxury Index, a model that comprehensively analyzes how luxury brands can implement the emotional experience to elevate their value.