The Business of iPad Travel

Posted on 19.11.2010

When the iPad was first released I wondered how it would be integrated into people’s lives. Was it to become just another personal entertainment system or something more useful as a business tool? As leaders in a fast changing business world, we are often the first to explore new technologies and identify solutions that make our lives easier and our companies more efficient. It was with this in mind that i purchased an iPad and took it with me on my business trips around the world.

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The Christmas Lunch

Posted on 25.12.2009

It’s Christmas and I am penning down this post as I just wipe my fingers after the day’s lunch. Well, in reality it was not just one meal but a delectable sequence of lip smacking dishes – each one well seasoned with intricate memories of my boyhood. My only companion for this exciting food-filled day was my dearest friend for last 12 years, my fiancé for 11 years and now my loving wife for the last 10, Anita. It has almost become a ritual for us to target a city each Christmas and savor the wide array of its street food. Last year it was Singapore and this year we chose Delhi, India.

The day started almost at dawn as I picked up Anita from her parent’s place braving the biting cold of the city. It paid off

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Scintillating Sydney

Posted on 14.11.2009

I was recently at Sydney to host a gala dinner from lebua. The event took place on a boat with fireworks et al and as we drifted south from the Sydney harbor..I was mesmerized, yet again. In my travels to more than 43 cities in the world till date, I have seldom enjoyed a moment more blissful than while sailing down the Sydney harbor witnessing the sunset with chilled champagne for company.

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