Behind the lebua Dining Experience

Posted on 19.11.2010

We recently re-launched one of our signature restaurants, Breeze at The Dome, lebua. During the glittering champagne cocktail and dinner that we organized, a number of people asked me where I came up with the new restaurant concept. It's not an answer I am able to give in a single sentence, but having now eaten at 1,600 of the top restaurants around the world, I can say the ideas we apply at all our famous dining outlets: Breeze, Mezzaluna and Sirocco are based on creating an unmatched experience.

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Best Restaurants in New York

Posted on 07.12.2009

In my eventful stint with the Food and Beverage industry till date, I've been addressed by several favorable adjectives. Some went so far as to say that I was a guru in this discipline, a master of food of beverage and even possessed a Midas touch to create and even recreate glory for any restaurant. But little did they know that much of my experience came from watching and learning from numerous mistakes throughout my career. This links back to 1985, when I was stepping into my Hotel Management and my father left me with a single most important thought it is very easy to make money but equally hard to gain respect and so it is important for one not to shrug responsibility and to accept failures as they come.

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