Luxury Brands - Should we possess them?

Posted on 03.12.2009

I have my roots in very humble beginnings. The modest environment where I grew up nurtured in me a strong urge to travel overseas and explore the world. Till today I remember, every quality gift, however small, would let a wide grin cross my face. I loved them, one because they were not readily available in my country and the second being my advocacy for quality even at that tender age. I simply adored the boldness and confidence of superior quality. But quality came at a price and so my appreciation for quality remained confined within the bounds of those fond gifts of mine.

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Scintillating Sydney

Posted on 14.11.2009

I was recently at Sydney to host a gala dinner from lebua. The event took place on a boat with fireworks et al and as we drifted south from the Sydney harbor..I was mesmerized, yet again. In my travels to more than 43 cities in the world till date, I have seldom enjoyed a moment more blissful than while sailing down the Sydney harbor witnessing the sunset with chilled champagne for company.

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